LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022: बिटिया को मिलेंगे 51 लाख रूपये, जानें कैसे

LIC Kanyadan Policy : The Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) has planned a policy committed for little girls. It is called LIC Kanyadan Policy. The approach tries to assist guardians with low income in raising a corpus for the marriage of their girls. LIC Kanyadan Policy is a plan run by Life Insurance Corporation. This approach is helping those guardians whose pay is less and providing them support to raise their daughter for a bright future. Those guardians can’t go through much cash for their girl’s schooling and marriage. Help is being given to such parents through this Kanyadan policy. Remembering the future of the girls, this plan has been run.

Under LIC Kanyadan Policy, an investor should deposit Rs 130 on the daily basis (Rs 47,450 yearly). The premium will be paid for less than 3 years of the strategy term. After 25 years, the LIC will pay him/her approx Rs 27 lakh. The base age of an investor for registration in the LIC Kanyadaan plan is 30 years and the base age of the investor’s little girl should be at least 1 year.

An investor can purchase the LIC Kanyadan plan for 13 to 25 years. The approach covers risks along with the choice of investment funds until the term closes. In the event that the policyholder died after enlistment, the LIC will pay the premium sum. The premium amount of around Rs 11 lakh will be paid to the policy holder’s girl in the wake of achieving the age of 21 years. LIC Kanyadan plan is totally tax exempt.

  • By joining the LIC Kanyadaan policy, the parents can make their daughter’s future financially bright.
  • At the finish of the term of this policy, the whole amount guaranteed will be collected in one go.
  • The premium paid in this policy will be diminished by three years from the specified time span of the policy.
  • If the insured dies in an accident, then, at that point, his/her family will be given Rs.100000 as help.
  • The policyholder has the choice to pay for 6, 10, 15, or 20 years.
  • Additional advantages will be given to the family if the policyholder for example the father of the girl expire within the policy tenure.
  • Disability rider advantage is also applicable if the premium paying tenure is a minimum of 5 years
  • If the policyholder commits suicide within a year from the commencement of the plan, 80% of the premium will be paid by the corporation with the exception of the surrender value or taxes, the one which will be higher of the two.
  • If the policy is dynamic and the policyholder has paid the expenses for 3 back to back years, a loan can profit against the plan.

Advantages of the LIC Kanyadan Policy 2022

  • It has been given under this plan that assuming a person deposits 75 rupees each day, at the time of marriage of his daughter after 25 years of premium payment, 14 lakh rupees will be given to him.
  • If an individual deposits 251 rupees each day, he will get 51 lakh rupees after a quarter century of paying the premium.
  • The policy offers financial security and support to your daughter.
  • A singular amount payment to the policyholder at the time of maturity.
  • In case of the death of the guaranteed parent, the premium is waived off.
  • Rupees 10 lakh paid quickly in the event of accidental or normal death.
  • Rs. 5 lakh paid quickly in the event of non-accidental or normal death..
  • Rs. 50,000 paid each year till the date of policy maturity.
  • Total maturity amount to be paid at the time of maturity of the plan.
  • Life risk cover over a specific period up to three years before the maturity.
  • NRI’s can likewise profit of this approach without directly visiting the country.
  • Features of LIC Kanyadan Policy are similar like that of LIC Lakshya Policy.
  • The premium payment time span under this approach is limited.

Eligibility criteria for the LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • The policy can be purchased exclusively by the father of the girl child and not by the girl herself.
  • The age limit for purchasing the policy should be a minimum of 18 years and not over 50 years.
  • Daughter’s age should be no less than one year at the time of buying the policy.
  • The least amount assured at the hour of maturity is one lakh.
  • The most extreme aggregate assured at the time of maturity has no limit (relies upon the cost of premiums paid by the policyholder).
  • Policy time period for 13 to 25 years is available for the candidate.
  • Premium paying term is 3 years not exactly the policy term for example assuming the policy term is 15 years, the policyholder needs to pay the premiums for (15-3) = 12 years.

Necessary Documents for the LIC Kanyadan Policy

  • Aadhar card of the guardian and girl child/daughter
  • An income certificate of the guardian
  • An identity card of the guardian with permanent address proof
  • Passport size photo of the daughter
  • The scheme proposal form should be correctly filled and signed
  • The guardian should have the check/ cash for making the first premium payment
  • Birth certificate of the daughter

The procedure to apply for the LIC Kanyadan Policy

If the person is interested to get benefits from this scheme wants to apply under this scheme.

Step 1: To apply for the LIC Kanyadan Policy first of all, the guardian has to visit the nearest LIC office, and ask any employee or officer sitting there about the Kanyadan policy.

Step 2: After this, the guardian has to tell them that you want to invest in LIC Kanyadan policy.

Step 3: Then they will give you the complete details about the Kanyadan policy.

Step 4: Now, the guardian has to select it according to their income.

Step 5: Then, the parents has to provide all the required information and documents to the agent present there so that he/she can fill your registration form.

So, in this way the guardian/parents can enroll for the policy and invest in LIC Kanyadaan Policy.

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