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एलआईसी कन्यादान पॉलिसी | LIC Kanyadan Yojana | LIC Kanyadaan policy | भारतीय जीवन बीमा निगम कन्यादान पालिसी | LIC Kanyadan Policy | LIC Kanyadan Policy Online Apply

एलआईसी कन्यादान पॉलिसी Life Insurance Corporation Indian LIC Kanyadan policy or LIC Kanyadan Bima or LIC Kanyadan Yojna or LIC Kanyadan Policy 833, is the Perfect Financial Coverage for your Daughter with very less Premium.

Indian L IC Kanyadan Yojna is a Government Plan that Organizes a Fund for the Future your Daughter in Support of her Education and Marriage and meets the Milestone in Life. This is a perfect gift for your Daughter to Ensure her Future. Indian LIC of India launched a plan which is a great opportunity for Families by providing them with Financial Assistance in Growing Up their Daughter’s Future.

The Growing Up their Daughter’s Future is making People Aware and reliable to take care of their Daughters by enhancing the Features and Benefits of Growing Up their Daughter’s Future. The Policy is a pure endowment plan which offers cover against risks along with the option of savings until the policy payment term ends.

LIC Kanyadan Policy | एलआईसी कन्यादान

In this Growing Up their Daughter’s Future of Life Insurance Corporation, if Father of the Daughter Deposit Rs.121 Per day or Rs. 3600/- a month, then in 25 years he will get Rs. 27 Lakh. Apart from this, if the death occurs after taking the policy, then the family will not have to pay the premium of the Indian LIC Kanyadan Policy and will also be given Rs. 1 Lakh every Year.

Key Features of LIC Kanyadaan policy

  • Offers a perfect Plan i.e. LIC’s best policy to Protect your Daughter Future Financially Independent.
  • Protection for Risk of life a Definite Limit of Time Up to 3 Years Before the Date of Maturity of L IC Premium.
  • The Insured will get a Lump Sum Cost at the Maturity Time.
  • In the case of Father Death, Then The LIC Policy Premium is Waved off.
  • Payment of Rs. Ten Lakh in the cause of an Accidental Demise.
  • Rs. 50,000 will be paid per year until the Maturity Date of the Premium plan.
  • The full Maturity value will be availed at the Maturity Time.
  • NRIs can also use the LIC Policy plan without Visiting India.
  • The pradhan Mantri Kanya Yojna also has Some mixed features of the LIC Lakshay Policy.

LIC Online Kanyadan Policy Complete Details

LIC Kanyadan Policy can be Taken for 25 Years

Policy Premium has to Paid for
22 Years
Deposited Amount Rs. 121 per day or Rs. 3600/- Per Month
Paying Term Limited
Premium Paying Term Less by 03 Years
Paying Modes Monthly, Quarterly, Half-Yearly, Annually
L IC Online Policy tenure 13-25 Years
Pay for the LIC Kanyadan Policy Plan Options 6,10,15,20 years
Tax Rule Tax-Free Policy

जीवन बीमा निगम कन्यादान पॉलिसी स्कीम

  • LIC Kanyadan Policy gives your Daughter Financial Liberty and Stability in terms of her Education, Marriage, and to meet the Milestone in Life.
  • The LIC Policy Premium paying term is a restricted time period.
  • LIC Kanyadan Yojana is a with-profit benefit insurance plan that evolves with Savings and Insurance Plans.
  • If the person Dies within the LIC online LIC Policy Premium Tenure, 10% of Sum Assured is Payable Per Year till 01 Year before the Date of Maturity.
  • Additional Benefits will be provided to the other Family Members if the Policy Holder i.e. The father of The Beneficiary Daughter Expires within the Policy Tenure.
  • Disability Rider Profit is also Suitable if the Premium Tenure is a minimum of Five Years.
  • If the LIC ofIndia Policy Premium is Active and the LIC Policy Holder has Paid the LIC Policy Premium for 03 Consecutive Years, a Loan can be availed against the Policy.

Eligibility Criteria LICKanyadan Scheme

lic online kanyadan yojana Purchased By Father of the Daughter
Age Limit for Buying the Plan 30 years or Older
Age of Daughter at the time of Purchasing Policy Minimum 01 year
Minimum Sum Assured at the Time of Maturity Rs. 1 Lakh
Maximum Sum Assured at the Time of Maturity No Limit

LIC Kanyadan Policy Calculator

LIC Kanyadan Yojna Scheme has been begun by the Life Insurance Company of India LIC to invest in the marriage and education of daughters. Under this LIC Kanyadan Yojna, any individual can invest in a wedding for his daughter. This proposal is for 25 years. Under this L IC scheme, a person has to store Rs 121 per day and pay a premium of Rs 3600 a month, but the person will have to pay a premium for only 22 years. 27 lakhs will be given to a person after fulfillment of 25 years of LIC Kanyadan policy.

LIC ofIndia Kanyadan Policy is an Ideal Life Insurance Cooperation Plan with very low Premium and High Assured Options to meet One’s Insurance requirements with the ability to fulfilling a father’s dream to secure her Daughter’s Future Financially & Emotionally. Save only Rs. 121 Daily in LIC Kanyadan Yojna and get Rs. 27 Lakh.

LIC Policy Premium Income Tax advantages

LIC policy premium is exempted from Section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. This exemption can be taken up to a maximum of 1 and a 1/2 Lakh rupees. Concurrently, the exemption is also given on the result of a maturity or death claim.

Under the LIC Kanyadan policy, the person can increase or decrease the premium amount according to his earnings. It is not mandatory that the person deposit Rs. 121 daily. If he can save a deposit more than this, then he should deposit more. If he cannot, then he can make a plan with a below premium.

Life Insurance corporation Kanyadan Policy Scheme

For more information related to LIC Kanyadaan policy persons can visit the official website of LIC. LIC Kanyadaan Yojna is also Available according to the different ages of Father and Daughter’s Age. This will reduce the time limit of the LIC Kanyadan Policy according to the age of the Daughter. You will get the details of LIC Kanyadan Policy from the Official Website of Life Insurance Corporation

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