Seekho aur Kamao (Learn & Earn) scheme

“Seekho aur Kamao” (Learn & Earn) is a scheme launched in 2013-14 especially for skill development or improvement of a minority group. The scheme goals at upgrading the abilities of minority youth in numerous modern /traditional skills depending upon their qualification, present economic trends, and the market potential, which can help them to get suitable employment or make them suitably skilled to become self-employed. The scheme is launched through some selected expert Project Implemented Agencies (PIAs). The scheme makes sure the placements for a minimum of 75% trainees, out of this at least 50% placement is in the organized sector. The government will provide the minority youths specialized training based on their talents, qualification, or skills and the similar to proceed for self-employment and earn their living easily. This scheme will also focus on the minority communities to join the mainstream and get the various opportunities for their development.

Overview of Learn and Earn scheme

Name of schemeSeekho aur Kamao (Learn and Earn) Scheme
Launched in2013-14
Supervised byMinistry of Minority Affairs
Target groupsMinority Groups
Toll-Free number of schemes1800112001
Website for scheme

Objective of Learn & Earn scheme

The main aim of Learn and Earn scheme are as mentioned below: –

  • To bring down the unemployment rate for minorities during 12th plan period.
  • To preserve and update the conventional skills and talents of minorities and establish their linkages with market.
  • To improve the possibility of employment for workers, school dropouts so forth and ensure their placement.
  • To provide means of better livelihood to marginalized minorities and bring them in the mainstream.
  • To permit minorities to get opportunities in the developing market.
  • To develop the positive human resources for the countrymen.

How to apply Offline for Seekho aur Kamao Scheme?

To apply offline for Seekho aur Kamao scheme follow these simple steps:

  • Eligible beneficiaries, who want to apply for “Learn and Earn scheme” of the Central Government, should go to the BDO office or the District Collector.
  • Beneficiaries can also get the information and form from the Panchayat office.
  • To get the online form one can visit to the official website of the scheme –
  • For any additional information or enquiry, one easily reaches out to the Toll-Free help line 1800112001.

How to apply online for “Learn and Earn” scheme?

To apply online for Seekho aur Kamao scheme follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, open the official website of this scheme through google search.
  • After that click on the right side “New User Registration” and proceed further.
  • Register yourself for the official website.
  • After that you will get a user ID and password.
  • Login to the website with the help of your user ID and password.
  • After using above process, you can apply online for this scheme.

Eligibility criteria of scheme

  • This scheme is completely developed for those people who belonged to the minority communities of the country, so the only beneficiaries of this Central Government talent development and employment possibility scheme will be the members of the communities which are mentioned as minorities as per the Minorities Commission Act of the year-1992.
  • It includes 5 communities – Parsis, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, and Muslims. Therefore, youths who belong to these minority communities can easily apply for such scheme and they can get full support from the government for their job-based training and employment opportunities.
  • Minority communities which are also mentioned by different states or union territories may also participate in this scheme but their occupancy will be limited to five per cent of the total number of the beneficiaries.
  • A Free coaching scheme has been beginning for the student who wants to continue their studies, but they do not have enough sufficient economic help …Similarly, Free Coaching Scheme for Civil Service Exam Telangana has also been released for minority groups.

What are the age criteria and education standard for getting benefit from Seekho Aur Kamao Scheme?

  • The applicants of this Seekho aur Kamao scheme should have a minimum education qualification of passing the Class 5th to acquire the vocational training.
  • The minimum age for joining the scheme will be 14 yrs., whereas the maximum age has been fixed to 35 years.
  • In case these two criteria are not fulfilled, applicant will not be allowed to join this scheme and get profit from it.
  • In a case seat are remaining unoccupied, they will be remaining same as only prescribed eligibility criteria are compulsory to join the scheme.

Supervision of minority ministry

There are two skill development programs launched for the minority groups:

  1. “PM Nai Manzil Yojana” For the supervision of minority ministry
  2. “Nai Roshni Scheme” has also been started for women.

Functions of “Seekho aur Kamao Scheme”

The main Functions of “Seekho aur Kamao Scheme” are given here

  • Depending on the marketing tendencies and the qualifications and extra-curricular activities, the training module for the beneficiaries decided.
  • There might be a modular development programs for beneficiaries which will providethem benefits by giving training of numerous traditional skills which have a good demand in the market at present time and can help them to earn good money.
  • The structure course will be decided by the National Council of Training in Vocational Trades (NCVT) which is the national organization to provide several vocational courses.
  • The vocational trainings consist of different courses such as carpet making, wooden works, weaving, tannery, jewellery making, brass metal finishing, embroidery work, chikakkari work and so on.
  • Apart from above vocational courses, the scheme will also offer courses based on computer operations, information technology, English, regional languages, etc.
  • Employment support in both conventional trades as well as modern trades can be provided by the authorities. The govt. will also support those people who want to seek the self-employment option and start the entrepreneurship.
  • Beneficiaries who will make outstation boarding in the training centres will be helped by providing them food and lodge facilities along with a monthly salary.
  • Through this project, the central government is making sure the placement of at least 75 per cent of the trainees. Out of this, the government promises to place at least 50% trainees towards the organized sectors.
  • In present year the central government has announced a budget allocation of Rupee 250 crore for this scheme. This is increased by Rupee 40 crore, in the comparison of the last year’s budget allotment.

Duration of the Project under the ‘Seekho aur Kamao’ and its Components:

  • The time duration of projects under the programme ‘Seekho aur Kamao’ would be coextensive with the 14th Finance Commission ending on march 31st, 2020.
  • The period of each training programme for courses should be NSQF compliant and approved by the “Sector Skill Council” and for modern skills shall be as per the according to norms of “MSDE”.
  • The time duration of each programme for traditional will be up to a maximum of one year duration depending on the skills. The program would include the formation of manufacturer organizations or companies or Self-Help Groups.

Skills Training Programme for the Traditional Trades

  • Collectivization and identity of the young people who are involved in traditional trades into manufacturer agencies or Self-help groups (SHGs).
  • Provision of skills training to youngsters so one can decorate their competencies degrees which could allow the SHG to expand a marketplace-orientated production model.
  • Assisting with process of improvement of marketing strategy thought for submission to diverse financial establishments consisting of Minorities development and Finance organization (NMDFC).
  • Supporting within the technique of hiring the management group for the manufacturer companies/Self-help groups (SHGs).
  • Those programmes are to be not less than 2 months period and a maximum of 1 yr. depending upon the selected trade/ability.
  • Skill training has to be compliant with NSQF tips and must be attention on industry readiness.
  • The trainees will link with UID/Aadhaar number, if possible, otherwise another authority identified identity number.
  • The corporation should be made sure that the residential facilities are provided as it should be for the outstation trainees which can be enrolled in the institute.
  • The education institutes can be supposed for trainees belonging to minority communities, however to promote inter-network unity, 15% of applicants belonging to BPL families of non-minority communities will also be taken into consideration. further, for the disabled persons belonged to minority communities, 2.5% may also be reserved.
  • The enterprise has to enough lecture rooms, bathrooms, demonstration centres, and infrastructure and so forth. For carrying out the best education, the centre ought to be affiliated by using NSDC to run the training programme.

Mobilisation of the Minority youth

Identification & mobilization of young people belong to the minority communities to make them able to get market-driven skill training under the “Seekho Aur Kamao Scheme”.Mobilization or roadshows were organized at the community level to make sure the awareness about the “Seekho aur Kamao (Learn and Earn)” Training Program by communicating with the target groups of minority youth, their parents, leaders of the community, community representatives, religious people and places such as Churches, Gurudwaras and other religious educational institutes. Mobilization of candidates was conducted using different methods like handbill distribution, community meetings, door-to-door contact, roadshow, street play, newspaper ads, and the television network.

S.N.Name of states or UTs allocatedNo of centers in each StateTrainees in each state
1Tamil Nadu81290
2Andhra Pradesh81897
6Jammu & Kashmir1200
7Total 5638

Contact Details

Joint Secretary
Ministry of Minority Affairs, Address- 11th Floor, Pt. Deendayal Antyodaya Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003 Contact no.- 011-24364280 Email – [email protected]
“Learn and Earn Scheme” Address of office: – Skill Division, 11th Floor, Parvaran Bhawan, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi (110-003)
India Contact number: – (011) 2430-2512 Helpline number / Toll-Free:- 1800-11-2001 Official E-mail ID: –

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